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The Mining Operation

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One Hundred Percent

The Hole in Barton Creek Acrylic painting by Lynn Bridge 12″ x 12″ It’s April- it must be time for the annual George Washington Carver Museum  100% Exhibit and Fundraiser. Opening night is… Continue reading

Why Nests? « Art of the Natural World

Why Nests? « Art of the Natural World. Liza Myers is a painter of unusual gifts.  I admire her work because she connects many of my loves; nature, history/human culture, and connection itself. … Continue reading


Last September, when I started this blog, one of the first comments was from an Englishman who works as a chef.  He went by the somewhat-unpronounceable ‘Kseverny’, but his given name turns out… Continue reading

80% of 100%

Watercolor sketch of Carver Museum’s 100% Exhibit opening 2010 Image copyright by Lynn Bridge Time is almost up!  The annual George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center‘s ‘100% Art Exhibit’ and silent auction… Continue reading

Pants for Jesus

As an addendum to “Big Pants“, here is what John and Suzi Parker have done with some of the XXXXXXL surgical pants that were delivered to a hospital near Port-au-Prince, where there are… Continue reading

New Exhibit at Cypress Grill

Two in a Canoe Copyright by Lynn Bridge 6″ x 12″ Petals and Spines Copyright by Lynn Bridge 6″ x 6″ Those Blue Blooms Copyright by Lynn Bridge 8″ x 10″ Tomorrow morning… Continue reading

More on Mo

Let’s go on a trip deep into the Texas Hill Country, land of cattle, sheep, and goat ranching, and more recently, wine-making.  Here is a painting commissioned by someone for whom the hill… Continue reading

Carver Museum Gallery Opening in Austin, Texas

April 22 was the opening night for the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center’s 2010 “100%” art gallery and silent auction. Every 12″ x 12″ piece of art work is for sale… Continue reading

Inspiring Weekend

What is it that stimulates your thinking and causes your spirit to soar?  Being close to nature does it for me! This past weekend my husband and I attended the annual retreat for… Continue reading