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“Gems” by Lynn Bridge This morning, when I went for a walk, I felt porous. The wind through my skin and the light and shadow through my eyes carried restoration and wisdom inside… Continue reading

Making Friends

The last couple of days, I have taken an old, unfinished mosaic of mine outside to watch it interact and make friends with the light, patterns, and forms in the front yard.  I… Continue reading

Another Angle

And Where We’ll Land, Nobody Knows One blog I follow, Quiet: the Power of Introverts, by Susan Cain, provides a reading list each weekend.  Today, one of the offerings caught my eye because… Continue reading

Spring is here… or fall…or something…

Scene seen in the ‘hood This summer was so hot and so dry that any plant not already dead went into dormancy.  Just like in winter.  So, when a little bit of rain… Continue reading

If I Were a Rich Man

If I Were a Rich Man another ‘blur photograph’ by Lynn Bridge I heard on NPR today that when Martin Luther King, Jr. had gone to Memphis to participate in the sanitation workers’… Continue reading

In the Image of…

The Boy in the Manger a photo by Lynn Bridge Someone asked me how I made this photo, so here’s the story. There is nothing glamorous about it! I started doing ‘movement’ photos… Continue reading

The Servant

Now here’s a Christmas message for you, straight from the mouth of the prophet Isaiah, who lived… oh… say, 2800 years ago.  Isaiah said, Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen,… Continue reading

Showing Off My Photographer

Charlotte Bell has photographed mosaics twice for me now and I want to show off her latest work here. Charlotte* and her husband, also an artist (in wood), live in a neighborhood which… Continue reading

Oh, My Aching Back!

Which ones of you have aching backs, limping legs, searing shoulders? Since junior high, I have rarely been without pain in one major joint or another and I have always believed it was… Continue reading

The Artist Is/Is Not In Today

Until early this morning, this was my mosaic studio. I‘m choosing Is Not in for today. We unloaded shelves, setting the contents around as best we could, we moved shelves, we squished my… Continue reading