If I Were a Rich Man

blur photo of red and gold spangles

If I Were a Rich Man

another ‘blur photograph’ by Lynn Bridge

I heard on NPR today that when Martin Luther King, Jr. had gone to Memphis to participate in the sanitation workers’ strike, it was a side trip for him, a diversion from his quite controversial plan to populate the National Mall with an encampment of impoverished people of all ethnicities from around the country, right under the collective nose of Congress.

Had he succeeded in arranging this demonstration, I wonder what eloquent speech would have poured from his mouth at that event?

Today, do we remember that wealth consists not only of earning a decent living, but in living in dignity and prosperity of soul?  Martin Luther King, Jr. was always reaching deeper into the conscience of our nation than equality of treatment for all races.  His reliance on the surety of God’s justice was the touchstone of his conviction that all people can live in peace and prosperity.  How are we living into this dream today?