Showing Off My Photographer

Charlotte Bell has photographed mosaics twice for me now and I want to show off her latest work here.

Charlotte* and her husband, also an artist (in wood), live in a neighborhood which is loaded with artists.  Every year they band together and host a studio tour and sale- this is how I first encountered Charlotte.

mosaic about Katrina and New OrleansThe Story of NOLA Watters

Mosaic by Lynn Bridge, Photography by Charlotte Bell

I had photographed this piece from a distance, but because of its width, there was a curvature distortion from the camera lens.  Charlotte shot the piece in sections, then stitched them together with Photoshop.  (She also teaches Photoshop classes.)

mosaic sculpture of Texas and the Sunrise by Lynn Bridge

mosaic of Texas and the Sunrise by Lynn Bridge

Two Views of Texas Sunrise

Mosaic by Lynn Bridge, Photography by Charlotte Bell

This one was a ‘bear’ to photograph with its reflective surfaces and level changes within a short distance.  These are a few of the many views Charlotte successfully made of this piece.

detail of "Eggs" mosaic by Lynn Bridge

mosaic detail of "Eggs" by Lynn Bridge

mosaic "Field of Eggs" by Lynn Bridge

Field of Eggstop view and details

Mosaic by Lynn Bridge, Photography by Charlotte Bell

We worked on this series of photos together- Charlotte was all of the brains and most of the brawn, I was some of the brawn.  This piece only weighs 20 pounds, but it is pointy and pokey on the edges and requires two people for lifting and carrying.

I am particularly pleased that Charlotte’s photographs show off the variations in color and shading in the tiles and in the cement, as well as textural differences among the eggs!

*She also goes to Mexico and hauls back to Austin a multitude of hooked rugs, made by women who support their families through their craft.  Charlotte sells the rugs here and sends the money back to the artisans.


In the online blogging class I took last spring from Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris, I learned that online photographs should be no more than 72 dots per inch of resolution, and they need to be narrow enough to accommodate most every reader’s screen width.  Therefore, I convert all photos to 72 dpi and 600 pixels per inch of width before I post them online.  Thanks, Alyson and Cynthia!