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Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Doing art while being… well, someone else.


Tadpole with Tail

Ah, the tadpole is swimming a bit! With all the gridlock in the future studio, it seemed as if all the chocolate in HEB wouldn’t be enough to fuel my organizational challenges. But,… Continue reading

Living the Tadpole Stage

As some of you know, Glencliff Studio has moved down the road 18 miles to Dripping Springs, Texas. The home and studio are on several acres of lovely Texas Hill Country.  But, this move… Continue reading

An Aside

Warning label- This post contains material that would interest a classical musicophile, which I am. Remember Nina Miller of NinaMillerStudio? (She is the photographer who made my professional head shots seen here.)  We live… Continue reading

Can’t Resist

Clearly dressed for a different occasion, I cannot resist a studio pass-through to check or touch up mosaics after the day’s work is officially over.  

I Love Public Radio!

Concentrating hard for many hours a day in the studio is made all the more enjoyable by listening to NPR podcasts, such as This American Life, Snap Judgment, RadioLab, On the Media, Medieval… Continue reading

Learning Patience. Again.

Today I was looking forward to a gloriously uninterrupted day of work in the studio. O happiness!  O joy! You already know what happens next.  About a half-hour into cutting tile and adhering… Continue reading

Mosaic Tech Talk

Here’s a little peek at some tools and studio features that I’ve recently found essential:   I use this “self-healing” mat for cutting the fiberglass mesh at the edge of the tile tesserae… Continue reading