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Art as Integration of Body, Mind, and Soul

One effect of art-making


Thoughts on My Life as an Artist

Doing art while being… well, someone else.

Tadpole with Tail

Ah, the tadpole is swimming a bit! With all the gridlock in the future studio, it seemed as if all the chocolate in HEB wouldn’t be enough to fuel my organizational challenges. But,… Continue reading

Living the Tadpole Stage

As some of you know, Glencliff Studio has moved down the road 18 miles to Dripping Springs, Texas. The home and studio are on several acres of lovely Texas Hill Country.  But, this move… Continue reading

What I Look Like on a Good Day

Nina Miller and I live in the same neighborhood in Austin.  She is a portrait photographer and I, a mosaic artist.  We decided to do some work for each other and you just won’t… Continue reading

Capturing the Essence

Yesterday’s post about portraiture is a nice segue into today’s activity, which was meeting with a neighbor and fellow artist, Nina Miller, who is a portrait photographer.  She confirmed that she looks for that particular gesture… Continue reading

It’s a Big Ol’ Fossil!

My mosaic design for a concrete wall

It Might Be Time to Panic

Deadline nears!

The Making of Lillian

Duplicate of the “Lillian” post on my new blog at

New Website Up

My eyes are glazed, my distance vision is blurry, and I’m dazed from sitting in front of my computer for eight days.  I am pretending to be an office worker, and why is… Continue reading