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Big Pants

Pastel Sketch of John and Suzi Parker copyright 2010 by Lynn Bridge 6 5/8″ x 9 1/2″ Do you recognize these people?  If you do, it is because you know them personally, or… Continue reading

Nature-deficit Disorder

Green Creek Today, for a very few minutes, I’m going to do my part to save the world from possible insanity.  I have been reading a book given to me by my friend… Continue reading


We have good friends who, after they “retired”, moved on to the really challenging projects, like spending 2003 building a nursing school in Leogane, Haiti.  They were called back again in 2009 to… Continue reading

The Myth of the Loner

We’ve been listening to Austin City Limits Music Festival all weekend.  Not that we’ve been on the festival grounds, but we easily hear all the bass notes and percussion through our walls, providing an underlying… Continue reading


Yesterday marked the 60-year celebration of the Communist revolution in China.  I briefly watched a video of a military parade on the avenue in front of what had once been the imperial palace, “The Forbidden… Continue reading

My Own Stranger

A couple of winters ago my husband and I had the opportunity to visit three cities in China, one being Shanghai.  It was in rainy, cold, snowy January, certainly not tourist season, and… Continue reading

Eyes Open Blindly

Two days ago was check-up day at the vet for our three cats.  Of course, they sensed trouble in advance, so I had to try to outsmart their tiny brains with food.  I had… Continue reading


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