Big Pants

pastel sketch of John and Suzi Parker by Lynn Bridge

Pastel Sketch of John and Suzi Parker

copyright 2010 by Lynn Bridge

6 5/8″ x 9 1/2″

Do you recognize these people?  If you do, it is because you know them personally, or have read about them several times before on my blog posts.  They are  John and Suzi ParkerThey were in Leogane, Haiti when the earthquake happened in January. They continue living there to try to get the city’s only hospital running efficiently again after years of neglect.

They are some of my heroes, because after retirement, they decided to relax and enjoy life by going to one of the most difficult places on earth to live, to try to make life better for the citizens there.

When she can get to a computer and has time to write, Suzi updates a blog about life at the hospital in Leogane.  Today’s post was so poignant that I had to share it with you.

The hospital receives shipments of mysterious boxes from various organizations from around the world.  Guess who sorts through the ‘bounty’?  What would YOU do with ‘big pants’???