Incursions 3

Incursions 3

27 3/4″ x 40″

Today I have posted a pastel painting that is based on Barton Creek Greenbelt below my neighborhood.  When we moved into this neighborhood 27 years ago, Barton Creek flowed all the time.  Now, with increasing development upstream, we see a dry creek-bed most of the year, except when it rains- a lot- which hasn’t been happening lately.  When it does storm, runoff is fierce and creates a torrent that snaps off trees and tempts kayakers who must then be rescued.  This landscape painting is based on natural colors and reflections that Barton Creek has displayed for eons, but I added the ghostly lines of human constructions on top of the cliff, reminding us of what exists now- incursions into the natural world.

On another topic, here is a salute to all my Jewish friends on Rosh Hashana.  The godly foundations of the Hebrew people have provided the world with a vision of God’s doings in the universe and a path to harmony with one another and with God.  The contributions of the Jewish people to my own country in every sphere; the arts, government, business, communications, science; have been out-sized and inestimable.