New Website Up

My eyes are glazed, my distance vision is blurry, and I’m dazed from sitting in front of my computer for eight days.  I am pretending to be an office worker, and why is this?  To write and upload text and pictures for my new website, of course.  I shall continue to add art work over the next days and weeks.

This time I hired a professional, Lindsay Huck, of Huckster Design.  Besides being fun to work with, she’s good at what she does. ( And, she had my cousin as a math teacher back in high school. )

From now on, you can find me at   My blog is now on my new website. You may subscribe by e-mail, or, in the upper right-hand corner, by rss feed.  Thanks for looking for me in a new place!

Lynn Bridge sketching on a beach
I take a sketchbook wherever I go!