What I Look Like on a Good Day

Nina Miller and I live in the same neighborhood in Austin.  She is a portrait photographer and I, a mosaic artist.  We decided to do some work for each other and you just won’t believe how well Nina did hers!

I needed some updated portrait photos for my website, brochures, and other business sites, so I completely put myself in Nina’s hands.  She first chose to put me in front of one of my mosaics in what I thought was an impossibly dim room, but LOOK!  She pulled it off.  I love that she surrounded me with my people.

Nina Miller's photographic portrait of Lynn Bridge in front of a mosaic wall


Next, she placed me in my studio (which I had previously de-cluttered by rolling all extraneous storage into my adjacent painting studio!) and gave me instructions on where she wanted my tesserae, my tools, and my gaze.  She captured a number of poses, but this is my favorite:

Nina Miller's photographic portrait of Lynn Bridge in her mosaic studio


A disclaimer is in order here- I do not cut tile and adhere tile in these clothes.  I wear sturdy clothes and a big apron, in case you were wondering.

Besides being a lot of fun, Nina has a great eye and complete command of her tools.  Please, please go to her website and look at her portfolio.  She has lots of winsome and meaningful portraits, but my favorite is three fussing babies.  You’ll know immediately which one I’m talking about when you see it.