Capturing the Essence

Yesterday’s post about portraiture is a nice segue into today’s activity, which was meeting with a neighbor and fellow artist, Nina Millerwho is a portrait photographer.  She confirmed that she looks for that particular gesture or expression which is so characteristic of the subject that it instantly identifies the uniqueness of the child for the parent, the family for itself, or the relationship between people.  I love looking at her gallery of photographic portraits!

Nina is doing a couple of head shots of me so that you will have a better idea about who is writing this blog.  You’ll be the first to know when they are ready (especially if you are following this blog by e-mail or a reader.)

Here’s what Nina agreed to take in a trade:

framed mosaic in blues, greens, red by Lynn Bridge

It’s the Desk Folly, full of beads and hand-made fused glass elements.