It Might Be Time to Panic


mosaic fine art sculpture in progress by Lynn Bridge

Mad Bed – a work in progress

about 24″ x 24″ x 8″

I started this sculpture two years ago in a workshop taught by Sherri Warner Hunter.  She is a master at sculpture based on closed-cell Styrofoam covered with fiberglass mesh and cement.

Arriving at the workshop with an inappropriate design for the medium, I needed to come up with a new design on the spot.  Since I had not slept well the night before, ‘bed’ was on my mind.  I wondered if I could make an expressive bed.  Anger seemed like it might be the easiest emotion to start with, since it is dramatic and raw.

Making the mosaic tesserae from glass fused in the kiln and from hand-cut stone and smalti is taking awhile.  I wonder if I can finish it in the next two weeks, before a deadline?

mosaic fine art sculpture in progress by Lynn Bridge

I already finished the back of the wall-hung piece with vitreous tile in whites laid on the diagonal.  My glass signature is embedded, too.  I guess this sculpture will weigh about 60 pounds when completed.