The Artist Is/Is Not In Today

a mosaic studio in disarray

Until early this morning, this was my mosaic studio.

I‘m choosing Is Not in for today. We unloaded shelves, setting the contents around as best we could, we moved shelves, we squished my horizontal surfaces together to make a large passageway:

garage mosaic studio

How to make a pathway out of next-to-nothing

for the purpose of:

new heat-pump unit

New heat-pump system

putting this little puppy up in the crawl-space above my studio!

After 10 months of no functional HVAC in a big chunk of our house, including my painting studio, it will be nice to have comfortable air again.  Just when the outside temperatures here in Texas are moderating…. only supposed to get up to 89 degrees F today.

Of course, my mosaic studio’s air still matches the outdoor temperatures, but then, this is how most everyone around here lived when I was growing up!