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Let’s go on a trip deep into the Texas Hill Country, land of cattle, sheep, and goat ranching, and more recently, wine-making.  Here is a painting commissioned by someone for whom the hill country is as much as jewel as it is for me.

This painting is a view from the hillside chapel at Mo Ranch Presbyterian Assembly.  Just visible below is the North Fork of the Guadalupe River, wonderful for swimming and fishing, and River Dorm, the red roof on the right.  Thousands of people have stayed here for a weekend, a week, a month, or longer, and carry a love for the place with them always. This is the site of baptisms, weddings, and countless worship services.

acrylic painting of the outdoor chapel at MoRanch, Texas

The Chapel on the Hill, Mo Ranch

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

6″ x 8″

If you want to see some of my inspiration for this painting, you may read “Inspiring Weekend“, a previous post.

Below is the painting in progress, so you can see what half-way finished looked like.

painting in progress of a Mo Ranch scene

Mo Ranch- Work in Progress

What place is special to you?  What place sticks in your heart and mind?  You may leave your comments below.