The Mining Operation

I have been mining.  Digging through my mosaic pieces and finding nuggets I can refine into paintings.  I am excavating the soil of previous ideas to see what more can be found.

Perhaps this digging activity is also like gardening.  I am looking for tubers to divide so that multiple new plants will grow from them.

The funny thing about this is, how far removed these paintings are from my first inspiration, yet they reflect that inspiration perfectly.  The seed of the first mosaic plates was the idea of ‘plenty’, or even ‘excess’.  I made the plates and photographed them.  On my computer monitor, some of those photos became art themselves- another new thing.  Now, when I use parts of those photos as inspiration for paintings, another new thing comes into being.  The idea of plenty and excess has multiplied like rabbits.

A small, 5″ x 7″ pastel painting, reminds me of spring.

Small pastel painting by Lynn Bridge in Austin, Texas

Spring Landscape

by Lynn Bridge

5″ x 7″