Last September, when I started this blog, one of the first comments was from an Englishman who works as a chef.  He went by the somewhat-unpronounceable ‘Kseverny’, but his given name turns out to be Richard North.  According to his WordPress blog, The Arts Webshow, he is 24 years old, about the same age as my youngest daughter.

After he commented on my blog, naturally, I visited his and commented.  The man is nothing if not creative, and it appears that there is not a medium he won’t use for an outlet, including his food.

For months now, we’ve been going back and forth, commenting on each others’ work. Sometimes he would disappear for awhile, sometimes it was I who was absent.

A little over a month ago I could not help noticing that we each had a piece of work with the same title, “Sinister”. My Sinister is a mosaic in Steampunk style. Richard’s Sinister is a photo.

I proposed that we each intentionally make something with a title in common, and each post the two together on our blogs.  We agreed on “Cranky” as our title, so the challenge was on across the pond.

We agreed to finish our work by June 10 and post on that date.  As it turns out, toward the end, my husband and I had a lovely last-minute visit with our daughter and son-in-law halfway across the country, so I was the one who missed our deadline by a day or two.  Lately, Richard has been extremely busy at the restaurant, so we delayed posting our results.  I suspect he will be able to post today or tomorrow, so I am forging ahead with our plan.

Below is Richard’s video. I think he appears at his crankiest in this performance, don’t you?

Here is my interpretation of “Cranky”.  The figure’s mouth is practically growing fangs.

pastel painting of "Cranky"

How do you picture “cranky”?