Pants for Jesus

As an addendum to “Big Pants“, here is what John and Suzi Parker have done with some of the XXXXXXL surgical pants that were delivered to a hospital near Port-au-Prince, where there are NO XXXXXXL people:

“A follow up to the problem of what to do with 12,000 pairs of disposable, paper surgical pants. One pastor friend shared the Junk for Jesus note with her congregation and they had a contest to see what to do with the pants. One of the good suggestions was to give them to children to make kites. Great idea, since the pants are waterproof. And there’s usually plenty of wind here. Another was to make banners with crayons. But I think we at the hospital came up with the best idea. We had another shipment from Food for the Poor, and this time is really was food. We wanted to give food to everyone who came to the clinic, but didn’t have any way to distribute the food, as most of it came in cases. So we took the XXXXXL pants, tied a knot in the waist, to make a bag, filled the bags through the legs of the pants, then tied the pant legs together, and handed out easily carried bags (pants?) of food. Now we only have about 11,500 pairs of disposable paper surgical pants left. We’re open to more suggestions. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks! And keep praying for the rebuilding of Haiti.”

This has been an excerpt from Suzi’s post of May 13, 2010.

watercolor painting of people carrying bags of food -Haiti

Watercolor sketch copyright by Lynn Bridge

I tried to imagine what the ‘pants bags’ look like in use!