New Place to Find My Art

New town, new gallery

Tadpole with Tail

Ah, the tadpole is swimming a bit! With all the gridlock in the future studio, it seemed as if all the chocolate in HEB wouldn’t be enough to fuel my organizational challenges. But,… Continue reading

Living the Tadpole Stage

As some of you know, Glencliff Studio has moved down the road 18 miles to Dripping Springs, Texas. The home and studio are on several acres of lovely Texas Hill Country.  But, this move… Continue reading

I Know, I Know, It’s a Cat

This big boy was a ‘discovered’ cat, having been found near a popular Austin restaurant.  His mama-person has purchased my mosaic cat portrait, “Flyaway”, because it reminds her of Kerbey.  I am honored!

Cat Portrait Commissions

Before I get into my main theme, I will take a little watery detour to nearby Barton Creek.  Our eldest and her baby came for a visit in June, and here is the… Continue reading

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

We filled the Kruger’s Diamond Jewelers downtown window with mosaics this morning.  Happens on a Saturday every two months.  We like to keep the display fresh AND we like to give every member… Continue reading

It’s All About the Animals

Making art with the felines

Re-post from My Church Mosaic Blog

COMING TO LIFE May 27, 2014 In spite of a somewhat curtailed schedule for working on this mosaic, the figures in panel three are happening.  Please enjoy these pictures from the past few… Continue reading

An Aside

Warning label- This post contains material that would interest a classical musicophile, which I am. Remember Nina Miller of NinaMillerStudio? (She is the photographer who made my professional head shots seen here.)  We live… Continue reading

Can’t Resist

Clearly dressed for a different occasion, I cannot resist a studio pass-through to check or touch up mosaics after the day’s work is officially over.