What I Saw in the Mirror This Morning

It’s not pretty, but it’s up and its eyes are open.


Driving Through Houston

A View of the City of Commerce

Welcome to Therapy for a New Generation!

Originally posted on Therapy for a New Generation:
Gen X and Gen Y are groups of folks who are searching. ¬†Searching for the ‘right’ answer or the best way of doing, acting, and…

I See Your Owl and Trade You For Chaos

What happens when you hand an artist a bag of glass and tell her to make a mosaic.

It’s a Big Ol’ Fossil!

My mosaic design for a concrete wall

I Seem to Be Back for Frequent Visits

Three glass portraits

It Might Be Time to Panic

Deadline nears!

The Mining Operation

This post duplicates one found at my new location: http://lynnbridge.com/blog. Please visit me at my new place!

The Making of Lillian

Duplicate of the “Lillian” post on my new blog at lynnbridge.com/blog.

New Website Up

My eyes are glazed, my distance vision is blurry, and I’m dazed from sitting in front of my computer for eight days.¬† I am pretending to be an office worker, and why is… Continue reading