Old Building, New Designs

For those of you who do not know,  Austin Mosaic Guild members show work year-round in the front windows of Kruger’s Jewelers at 8th and Congress in Austin. It is an historic business in an historic building which I love to visit.

The store owners let us show mosaics in their prominent front window, originally designed to display the silver and china that jewelers carried in years gone by.

We change out the mosaic display every two months, and almost everything is for sale. Much of the art is portable and packable enough to carry back home on a plane.

The three pieces I am showing until early August are:

"Eat Your Vegetables!" copyright Lynn Bridge 2015

“Eat Your Vegetables!”
copyright Lynn Bridge 2015

"Modern Breakfast" copyright Lynn Bridge 2015

“Modern Breakfast”
copyright Lynn Bridge 2015

“Through the Woods” Copyright 2015 Lynn Bridge

Each of these has its own packaging, so if you want to add them to your collection, they are portable. Kruger’s handles all the mosaic sales for us.

By the way, Kruger’s is an old-fashioned diamond jewelry store in the best sense of “old-fashioned”. It is unique, low-key, and altogether tasteful. They design, repair, refurbish.

I enjoy looking at the slide show of historic photos from the store location on Congress Avenue, and think you will like it, too.

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