Field Trips I Have Known

Being somewhat dutiful parents, my husband and I have chaperoned a number of school field trips over the years.  Most could have been measured somewhere on the scale between mildly annoying to almost triumphant… Continue reading


This is the first mosaic I ever made, if you don’t count all those pictures created with dried beans and pictures fashioned with little squares of construction paper in elementary school.  Oh, and I guess… Continue reading


Yesterday was World Communion Sunday among the Christians.  It meant that, starting with Pacific archipelagos, traveling through Asia, Australia, and on to Africa and Europe and the Americas, people in churches everywhere celebrated the Lord’s… Continue reading

The Myth of the Loner

We’ve been listening to Austin City Limits Music Festival all weekend.  Not that we’ve been on the festival grounds, but we easily hear all the bass notes and percussion through our walls, providing an underlying… Continue reading

Long Memory

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday and the two of us happily spent it looking through old family pictures, letters, and other mementos the forbears had saved.  Mom was born in 1916 and the sister in this picture… Continue reading


Yesterday marked the 60-year celebration of the Communist revolution in China.  I briefly watched a video of a military parade on the avenue in front of what had once been the imperial palace, “The Forbidden… Continue reading

Sounds in the Dark

Even though our yard is small, we are blessed with many live oaks in it, which Great Horned Owls seem to love.  Sometimes we hear one hooting at night outside our second-floor bedroom… Continue reading

Silent Witnesses

Occurrences 1- Silent Witnesses One morning in June I was walking on the route that takes me past ball fields, beside a creek, and into a city park.  Along the way, there is an… Continue reading


“Be still and know that I am God…”  This quote from the Hebrew book of Psalms (the 46th psalm, in fact) must not be well-regarded.  We scroll our Blackberries, text, drive, work out,… Continue reading


Am I “trying to do too much?”  Am I “being lazy?”  Am I “slow?”  Am I “too rushed and careless?”  Am I “smart?”  Am I “stupid?”  These are questions that our teenaged selves asked… Continue reading