The Race is ON!

This post has been re-blogged from another blog I write, “New Life from Shards” about the designing and making of a community-built mosaic mural.

Although it wasn’t intentional, it does look as if all the tesserae (little tiles) will be adhered to Panel 2 of “The Feeding of the 5000″ by the time several hundred Mission Presbytery meeting guests arrive at the building on Friday morning.

Panel 2 mosaic art mural being created by friends and members of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

When I left this afternoon, this is what the crowd scene looked like!

We’ll have Panel 1 and Panel 2 on view in the Great Hall, the destination of all the panels when completed.

I left Roberta and Jennie working on the crowd this afternoon and we’ll be returning in the morning for more work.  There remains a lot of clean-up and a little more grout work, even after we display the panel this weekend, but I’ll post a photo of the panel standing up against the wall even before final polishing.  I think we’ll all be amazed at what we have done.