Welcome to Therapy for a New Generation!

Please check out my daughter’s new blog. She is a social work therapist exploring life for “Generations X and Y”.

Therapy for a New Generation

Gen X and Gen Y are groups of folks who are searching.  Searching for the ‘right’ answer or the best way of doing, acting, and living.  This is no easy task in a world which has turned upside down in the last 60 years.  Moving from generations who often fit into stereotypical roles of family, gender, and work-life, to generations which have shaken up those notions and are still trying to understand the new order.  Technology has taken over, creating images of life which often seem ‘perfect’ even when the reality does not match. Standards for ‘good enough’ seem to creep ever upward for all of us.

So how can we, as members of Gen X and Gen Y create a meaningful path for ourselves, out of this confusion and change?  This blog will attempt to explore this question, through the sharing of ideas and the wealth of information available…

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