Matisse, But Not Matisse

Well, Hello, Little Fella cropped copy for internetWell, Hello, Little Fella

by Lynn Bridge

My latest commission involved mosaic techniques I had been ready to try out, but hadn’t had a pressing reason to start.  When the clients said that they wanted a mosaic in the spirit of Matisse’s Blue Nudes,or his Goldfish series, I made some drawings from which they chose this Matisse-like composition involving a nude AND some gold fish.

It is made from glazed stoneware and porcelain tiles adhered to Wediboard with thinset cement mortar, and grouted in three colors.  The “new technique” part of the deal is the cutting of each piece into a shape corresponding to one shape in the design.  This technique contrasts with doing mosaic by choosing many small pieces and making them add up to one shape in the design.  The technique has an ancient name:  opus sectile.

My new Gemini Apollo Ringsaw and I have become tight!