New Name, Same Blog

detail of "Field of Eggs" mosaic art by Lynn Bridge of Glencliff Art Studio in Austin, Texas

photo by Charlotte Bell

detail of Field of Eggs

by Lynn Bridge

I have been contemplating my online life and how to consolidate a couple of my personal sites into one. Last time I looked, WordPress didn’t offer a blog theme with a static cover page (resembling a website), but now it does. Thank you, WordPress! In order to make my blog into a website, I renamed the static front page ‘Glencliff Art Studio’ to clearly identify myself to newcomers. However, I realize that it might confuse you old-timers who have been following my “View from the Cliff” blog, as that is how it comes to your inbox. I still call my blog by that name, but you are now seeing it on an e-mail as Glencliff Art Studio. Same me. Comments?