Overlooked Abundance

Today I want to highlight two artists whose thoughts have converged for me.

The first, Liza Meyers, is a painter and sculptor whose blog post today caught my attention:  “No Excuses: Make Art With What We Have.”  She describes visually and verbally some instances in which people used what they had to make art, or at least a meal.

The second, Rachel Sager, is a mosaic artist who was a speaker at the 2012 Society of American Mosaic Artists conference.  Having grown up in a Pennsylvania mining family, she not only learned geology from her father, but she came to the conclusion that she could find mosaic material anywhere.  That’s ANYWHERE.  She said that she has found rocks on the streets of Manhattan which she could use.  In other words, the art of mosaic does not have to involve expensive, hand-made glass and gold.  Its materials can be found underfoot.

This inspires me because I love to combine the gritty with the gorgeous.

"World-wide" mosaic by Lynn Bridge