The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet mosaic by Lynn Bridge

The Paleo Diet

by Lynn Bridge

10 1/2″ x 13″

Have not read the book.  I do see it on other peoples’ bookshelves, and I hear others swearing by it for weight loss and good health.

When I hear the prefix ‘paleo-,’ I immediately think ‘fossil’ and ‘artitfact.’  I’ve spent many hours of my life absorbed in books on paleontology, archaeology, and anthropology.  You know I love the past, and the more distant, the more exciting.

Paleo dieting brings to mind bloody, dripping muscles and organs served on a rock.  But, we live in the space age, the information age, the age of technology.  So, what does it mean to bring the distant past jarringly into the present?  Perhaps a compromise is in order; the space-age future of the 1950’s served up on the ruins of Rome.  This is the vision I have.

This mosaic is on display at the West Austin Studio Tour temporary gallery space at 241 West 3rd Street in Austin, TX.  The gallery will open on Friday, April 20, and will close after Sunday, May 20.  Many artists whose studios will be on the 1st West Austin Studio Tour have art in the gallery show.  Please consider going to the website and joining Friends of West to help Big Medium promote this first year of the WEST show.

detail of Paleo Diet mosaic by Lynn Bridge

Work to move my mosaic studio from the un-airconditioned, un-heated garage into the modern world upstairs is on track for completion before the West Austin Studio Tour.  I am creating many new art works for the studio tour, including mosaics, framed paintings, and photographs.  I’ll see you at my place.