More Than I Imagined

mosaic by Lynn Bridge, including a ceramic heart by Roberta Mitchelltiny mosaic by Lynn BridgeYou Are My Sunshine

When art goes out into the world, it is up for interpretation by whomever sees it.  The interpretation may or may not be anything like what the artist intended, but it bonds to the art as if it were glued.

Following is a happy example of how art can become greater than itself in the eye of an imaginative viewer:

After you left I really examined your piece and pondered it.  I love the title- “You are my sunshine”.  This is the meaning it holds for me:  it’s through the shattering of our self (the broken bits of mirror) that our heart is released to love, bringing warmth and light into this fragmented world composed of multitudes and nations of people (like the particles of tiles grouped by their hues).        –Susan Crites

I was enjoying making a mosaic out of miniscule tile, blending one color into another, and then my friend sees it and transforms it into something greater than itself.  Amazing!