Religious Experience? Or Handy Tool? (It’s in the Bag.)

My son graciously informed me that when brain scans were performed on people thinking of a religious experience and brain scans were performed on subjects thinking of their Apple products, the same area of each brain lighted up.  As one who considers matters of cosmic importance superior in every way to the machinery of our lives, this was disturbing news.  I try not to dwell on the implications, else I’d never get any work done.

I considered buying an Apple iPad2 for the purpose of carrying a back-lit and compact portfolio of my work.  But, that alone was not enough to push me over the edge to buy a product many consider an extravagant toy.  The deciding factor for me was the availability of apps for the iPad which would allow me to make a photo of a location and sketch a design for a mural or sculpture on that photograph, on the spot, modifying the art while consulting with a client.  Yes, this is a beautiful thing for one who aspires to cover the world in mosaics.

Being a ‘creative-type’, my mind dwelt on the possibilities for iPad carriers.  Commercial ones abound, but I thought that perhaps I should make my own design, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that, yes, indeed, my brain is still working.

Since the native Texas ‘Passiflora incarnata’, or Passion Flower, is blooming in my back yard, I thought I’d start with a floral number.

Passiflora incarnata photo by Lynn BridgePassiflora incarnata

iPad cover designed by Lynn BridgeiPad cover design by Lynn Bridge

Using my ArtStudio app while sitting at a doctor’s office waiting for my appointment, I sketched this idea for a shoulder-strap iPad cover.

This feels a lot like decorating my iPad, which feels a lot like decorating a doll, who is always a stand-in for a person.  Does this mean that I am really designing doll clothes for my iPad?  Another disturbing thought, and related to the religious experience/Apple product study.  What do you think?