by Lynn Bridge

If you keep up with the posts on this blog, you’ve already seen this image in “Overlooked”.  This face was drawn from memory using glass powder applied to glass, then fired in the kiln.

I enjoy inventing faces in my imagination, too.  Sometimes I draw faces from the edge of the pool of humanity- ones close to swimming in the waters of another species. 

I never get bored watching ‘us’ in all our variety.

In recent weeks I’ve been drawing specific people from life, and always I choose people who really need the extra cash.  As I tell my models, “My sketches won’t look exactly like you, but they will resemble you.”  And, I get to study the details of what makes Sam ‘Sam’, or Marie ‘Marie’.  Perhaps the best part of my drawing sessions is asking my models about their lives.  I always turn up interesting stories from interesting people by asking a few questions.  I have found artisans, chefs, and history buffs this way.  Surprisingly, my models seem to enjoy their modeling sessions, too. Sitting still and focusing on one thing for awhile isn’t easy, as you know if you’ve ever tried it.

My drawings, though not finished or even accurate in proportion, will be modified from the original person yet again as I turn them into drawings in glass, then into mosaic art.

girl drawn on iPadiPad drawing  by Lynn Bridge

A beautiful, young face.