mosaic portrait, "Mel", by Lynn BridgeMel

Who is the subject of this glass portrait?

We don’t know.  Which is the point.  This person is often overlooked.

Man or woman?  Manual laborer, intellectual, musician?  Not sure.

How often do we overlook people right in our path?  A larger question is ‘How often do we value the person right in our path?’

Would the tenor of our communities change if we consciously choose to see each person we encounter as a full human being?

Even the filthiest, most miserable person napping in the alley was once someone’s little newborn with fresh skin and a taste for love.  Is this newborn how God sees us still?  Full of possibilities and growth?

Can we learn to see in this way?  Must we, should we, can we see as God sees?

Today I discovered a blog written for and about the quiet person.  The one who is alternately teased and overlooked.  The one who might have the brightest idea in the group, if anyone stops to listen and hear.  Susan Cain writes Quiet: the Power of Introverts.

More portraits of the overlooked ones:

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