castle moon- fused glass plate by Lynn Bridge

Castle Moon

by Lynn Bridge

Last night, at the beginning fusing and slumping class taught by Jim Berry of Blue Moon Glassworks, we saw our projects that had been in the kiln from the week before.  Altogether, the 7″ dishes had a great variety of textures, colors, and themes.

I used a glass that was clear with swirls of black in it, and chose to include a part of the glass that was suggestive of landscape.  I added iridio white glass to the lower area of the scene, and to make a moon.  Also, I added black glass stringer that I shaped over a flame, as well as some flakes of colored glass.

Challenging to photograph because of all the reflection, and the necessity of holding the iridio at different angles to see different effects of light refraction!

Here are two more views:

castle moon- glass fusing by Lynn Bridge

castle moon- glass fusing by Lynn Bridge

The beauty of going to a beginner’s class is that it becomes playtime.  It is not any different from a kid going into the dress-up box and choosing outfit components, then looking in the mirror to see what she has made.  Or from two kids deciding to make a country in the back yard, then finding sticks and rocks to make the borders, and berries and leaves for food, and stuff in the garage for trade.  It is all play and imagination.