Abstract mosaic about growth, epidemics, and graphs

Detail of World-wide

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

What in the world?!?!?  Exactly!  It certainly is a conversation-piece, isn’t it?

Abstract pink, white, and gray mosaic by Lynn BridgeWorld-wide

36″ x 48″. Copyright by Lynn Bridge

I was thinking of cells and growth and malignancy and plague and epidemics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  I was thinking of around-the-clock vigilance and charts and diagrams and predictions.


side detail of a white, gray, and pink abstract mosaic by Lynn Bridge

It is worrisome seen from the edge, too!


close-up of a pink, white, and gray mosaic by Lynn Bridge

Using stained glass, glass stringer, glass blobs, mirror, marbles, gravel, vitreous tile, slag, and colored cement, I have created a monster.  Boo!


another detail of "World-wide", the mosaic by Lynn BridgeAnother detail of World-wide,the mosaic, by Lynn Bridge


A cat sniffing a mosaic by Lynn Bridge

My chief in-house critic thinks it smells intriguing, too.