Happy Birthday to This Blog!

roses against a gray, cloudy sky


Photo by Lynn Bridge

I noticed that today is the first anniversary of this art blog, so Happy Birthday, Old Girl! You might have noticed that I enjoy writing; I hope this comes through for you in all my posts.  I’d love to be able to post every day, but for now, that is impossible.  AND you would not have time to read all those posts, anyway.

My goal for this blog during its second year of life is to have more interaction with my readers, so, please leave me some comments, either at the end of the post you just read, or on my facebook post.

Have questions?  Ask ’em!  Have a bone to pick?  Fire away!  Have a story to tell?  This is your chance!  Suggestions?  I’m all ears!

Thanks to each of you who have spent time here at Lynn Bridge Art!

abstract digital photo in greens, yellows, and pinks

Falling Waves

Photo by Lynn Bridge