What Happened to the Road Gravel and Crash Glass?

If you’ve read my previous blog, Return to the Nursery, you might be wondering what happened to the asphalt gravel, small stones, and crash glass that I swept up and sorted in the summer.  Here’s one answer:

mosaic art resembling fried eggs in the grass

Field of Eggs

31″ x 37″ x 3″

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

About half the crash glass and half the asphalt-covered gravel are in this piece, along with most of the small stones AND larger stones that I picked up locally.

Since I made the piece, Life on the Edge, and wrote about it, I’ve been thinking how much it looked like fried eggs with white yolks.  I decided to just go ahead and make a fried egg mosaic and get it out of my system!

Was I ever surprised when I opened up my new National Geographic this month and saw a photo of a place that looks a lot like what was in my mind while I was making these pieces of art.  Click on pools of water and when the site pops up, look for the photo of the Fraser Island peat bog and pools of water- 5th photo in the slide show.   Do you agree that my mosaics resemble this natural arrangement?

mosaic resembling fried eggs

Field of Eggs- detail

Photo copyright by Lynn Bridge

This time, instead of using my mom’s ceramic pieces, I used local rocks that I picked up.

mosaic resembling fried eggs on the ground

Field of Eggsdetail

Photo copyright by Lynn Bridge

Are you thinking of Green Eggs and Ham?