Behind the Scenes

After nestling in my cocoon for awhile, I have started a new series of works based on the piece entitled Life on the Edge.  My blog post about this piece is actually entitled “Small Beginnings” because, at the time, I felt that there would be more to say on the same subject.  And there is!

The other day I purchased two sheets of two-inch-thick Wedi board to use as a substrate for new floor sculptures.  I am currently making a wall sculpture and have plans for a small free-standing sculpture on a similar theme.  I have purchased more stained glass from Blue Moon Glassworks, and have collected rocks locally, and have even taken a broom and dustpan up the street to collect loose asphalt gravel and broken safety glass.  I LOVE mixing materials!

I thought you might like to see some behind-the-scenes art-making in my garage studio.  Making art can be so much more than being inspired and sitting down at an easel.  (You can use your cursor over the photos to find the button to advance each picture when you are ready for it.)

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