Small Beginnings

mosaic art with stained glass, glass tile, and glazed ceramics by Lynn Bridge

Life on the Edge

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

Glazed ceramics by Roberta Mitchell

13″ x 12″ x 1 1/2″

For those of you who saw this picture, first in the sidebar of my blog, then in the header, and wondered, “What in the world?”, here is an answer.

There are many cars and pickup trucks around town that are called ‘home’ by their owners.  Most certainly the old minivan I saw on an early-morning walk was one of these.

A woman sat in the driver’s seat, waiting for a semi-clad man to come out of the park restroom, carrying a supply of water and looking as if he had attempted to clean up in the open-air sink.

I was thinking about living out-of-doors, not by choice, and about how much more difficult daily tasks are under those circumstances.  I thought about the dirt which is a constant companion, and the various pieces of life that one attempts to keep from dying off.

This abstract mosaic came out of those musings.  Gritty, repetitious, mesmerizing in places, and painfully sharp in others.  Amorphous shapes stuck together with whatever glue a person can find.

I think it is the launching of a new, and much larger idea.  Stayed tuned.