From Frantic to Flaccid in Fifty Feet

I got a real belly laugh the other day when, in the course of a conversation, my young friend announced, “Oh, Lynn, I just started another company on Wednesday.” His voice was a perfect mixture of regret (“I fell off the wagon and drank a whole bottle of scotch.”) and elation (“I just got a big private commission for an outdoor mosaic on a quarter-mile-long wall.”)  This is a man whose imagination runs wild and whose mind never stops.

Only in this era could you claim to have started a company at such a specific time as ‘last Wednesday’ and be serious.

abstract photo in bright colors by lynn bridge


copyright by Lynn Bridge

My mind never stops, either.    No, I can’t stop thinking, but I can quit trying to execute every idea that crosses my mind. That seems reasonable.

I realized yesterday that the only time my mind ever relaxes is when we are across the street, at the neighbors’, watching a movie and eating ice cream.  That’s it. Good friends, good conversation.   Just chillin’.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Do you live life in the frantic lane?  How do you jump off the ‘speeding bullet’? Please leave me a comment below.

misty creek and bare tree on shore by Lynn Bridge


copyright by Lynn Bridge