mosaic sculpture of Texas and the sun by Lynn Bridge

Texas Sunrise

Copyright 2010 by Lynn Bridge

7″ h x 12 3/4″ w x 13 1/2″ d.

What makes you laugh? How about an image of the sun, encrusted with gaudy stained glass and all manner of glass beads, bursting out of the earth?

I am a member of a local organization called the Multicultural Artists Partnership and this sculpture is my entry to be juried for an upcoming exhibition.  The theme is “Texas Sunrises and Sunsets”.  My original idea, which I had started, was to make a stately, tall, cylindrical glass vase mosaicked in translucent stained glass.  When an unexpected event or two threw off my schedule, I realized I would not finish my elegant entry by the deadline.  So, I decided to change course entirely.

My state, Texas, has a propensity for exaggeration, and I will tell you that it IS quite large for a state- a little larger than France, in fact.  But the bragging and self-importance about everything ‘Texas’ is mostly tongue-in-cheek and marketing, I suspect.

Because of the atmosphere in the southwestern U.S., we really do have gorgeous sunsets, at least some of the time, so they are worth noting.  I pictured in my mind an aggressive sun, roaring up out of a Texas prairie, shedding light ever westward on its daily track.  Are you amused?

mosaic sculpture of a Texas sunrise by Lynn Bridge

"Texas Sunrise"