Celebrate Life!

We have been out-of-town for a few days, attending a family memorial service, which, at the same time, means a joyous family reunion.  The deceased is a beloved uncle of my husband- family and friends came from all parts of the U.S. and even Canada for the celebration of his life.

As always, I had my little sketchbook with me, but found no appropriate time to use it for the purpose of sketching.  I did however, have a cousin write down Saturday’s coffee orders in it, so that I have a little remembrance of the family time together and I have captured a piece of her handwriting along with all my sketches and notes from my walks and from home.

Anything, ANYTHING might become art in the future, and I cannot discount the tiniest, seemingly insignificant artifact as an inspiration. Uncle Don was a Christian and a true lover of God who lived every moment trusting in God to provide for his welfare, and who lived to nurture other souls and provide for their welfare.

I had made this mosaic piece for a friend’s birthday, but present it to you here because Uncle Don’s passing is a sort of birth-day, too, as he is made anew and lives every moment in the presence of his creator.

mosaic art about celebration by Lynn Bridge


Copyright by Lynn Bridge.

7 7/8″ x 5 7/8″ x 1 3/4″

Having sat with those who are dying and having sat with those who are giving birth, I see intense similarities between these two great events in life. While the mother is giving birth to a new being, one unknown to us as yet, the dying person is in the throes of birth to the possibility of a renewed life, life as it is intended to be- perfect in service, in joy, and in relationship.

I will share with you how this bitter and sweet event of death-and-life becomes more art in the future.  I cannot predict now what will become of this experience.