Your Path?

Today, the online ‘blog doctors’, Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris, have challenged the class to re-write the previous blog entry (detailing its target readers) using the second-person pronouns instead of the first-person pronouns!  What a challenge to write to you about you and not sound presumptuous!  No more statements!  From here on out, only questions?  Perhaps, some exclamations?

acrylic painging abstract by Lynn Bridge

Peering Ahead

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

6″ x 6″ x 7/8″

Have you ever driven through a rainy night, wondering if the windshield wipers will be able to keep up with the sheets of water on the glass?  Have you ever lost your way and, with panic in your gut, looked for your familiar road without actually SEEING anything at which you are looking?  Have you ever been too busy steering and avoiding obstacles to see where the road is taking you?  Have you ever driven with your eyes closed?  Do you often avoid driving at all because the roads are too clogged and the experience too appalling?

Would you like to follow me down a side road to see what we can find?  Do you want to pull off and watch the cars go by for awhile?  How do you like the license-plate game?  Shall we see how many different states and provinces we can spot?  Why don’t you pull a map out of the compartment there, and see where this road leads?  Is there a more scenic road that leads to your destination?  Would you like to sell the car and buy a motorcycle?  Feel the wind?  Smell the fields?  Zoom through the pasture?  Do you want to go new places?  Join a travel club?  Lead the way on a journey?

May I go with you?  Do you want me to bring the sandwiches or the sodas?  How ’bout a sketchbook?  Do you want to look for some rocks?  Rocks make great mosaics!  Do you know how to decorate mud pies?  Mix cement?  Cut up stone?  Do you want to try?

Will you tell your favorite color?  Your favorite animal?  Your funniest moment?  Your greatest fear?  For a little while, will you share your thoughts with me and walk down this path side-by-side?

detail of mosaic art The Good Earth by Lynn Bridge

(detail) The Good Earth

Copyright by Lynn Bridge