collage of a pathway through life by Lynn BRidge

Path Through Life

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

18″ x 12″

Today I am making a departure from my usual blog style, if that is even possible!  This is my first day as a student in an online class co-taught by Alyson B. Stanfield at and Cynthia Morris at, the title of which is “Blog Triage:  Maintaining a Healthy Artist Blog”.  Catchy title, huh?  The format of the class is medical- the graphics are reminiscent of the Red Cross and the terminology refers to ‘patient’ and ‘doctor’.  I hope to be a successful patient; in other words, one who participates in her own well-being.  So far, I’m being dutiful, which is why I’m doing as the doctor ordered and putting my homework on my own blog.  Today’s assignments are to identify my target readers and also to identify what I expect to gain by writing my blog.  I have certainly given this some thought over the past few months, and I welcome the chance to share with you my freshest thoughts today.  Please feel free to visit the ‘comment’ section at the bottom of this post and offer your own thoughts to me and to my other readers!

Above, I posted a collage painting I made six years ago, which explores the pathway through life.  It is full of detail, choices to be made, potential detours, mystery, and uncertainty, even threat.  We each face the prospect of finding our own pathway, but sometimes do not give much thought to the possibilities and implications of traveling the various side roads.  Frequently, fear takes hold and keeps us on the path we know best.  Often, habit clutches us and  discourages exploration.  ( There are times when I feel as though I am on a toll road with few exits, and I have no choice but to stay in my lane and keep the accelerator pressed to the speed limit.)  My target audience is the group of you who wants to consider various roads, looking at each in more detail, and who makes intentional choices.  I hope that by exposing my thoughts about my prosaic life and how those thoughts lead to a rich creative life for me, you will feel encouraged to act in ways for which you think you are not equipped, to make mistakes along the way, and be satisfied living with the disasters as well as the triumphs of living the intentionally creative life.  I take my lesson from the toddlers who are unselfconscious in their stumblings and trials, but who use each bit of information gained to build a functional life.  I hope that by identifying my feelings and ideas as directly as possible in writing, I can grasp an essence of human experience that will make my artwork live for others besides myself.  I hope that, in addition to making my future and reflecting on my past, I can live like the animals, in the present, and settle in to what lies there each day.

mosaic about the song of the canyon wren by Lynn Bridge

The Song of the Canyon Wren

Copyright by Lynn Bridge

7 1/2″ x 9 3/4″ x 1″