Mental Block

I made this mosaic yesterday as an escape from a mosaic that I could not seem to accomplish.   The way I explained it to someone who inquired about its meaning on my Flickr photos is this:  the idea presented itself when I was using similar materials to design a different piece, one that was emotional and dear to my heart. I just could not seem to get that piece put together like I wanted, so I was feeling ‘blocked’, as if I could not reach my destination.

This piece, with its prison-like bars, forbidding gate, and lots of raw material leaking out seemed to be containing the original idea pieces and not allowing them the freedom to be fully revealed. Those ideas are pressing over the top to escape. THAT is what mental or emotional or creative block, whatever you want to call that effect, feels like.

I hope and expect to be able to complete the original idea in some form, but I might need emotional distance and time before I become rational enough about the subject to accomplish my original goal.

mosaic art on the theme of creative block by Lynn Bridge
The Mental Block

15 3/4″ x 11 7/8″ x 1 1/2″.  Copyright 2010 by Lynn Bridge.